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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pictures ... 10/26/2016

Hola Hola 10/19/2015

Hola Hola
Hey everyone so this week on the last Monday we went to go teach a Family Home evening and it was amazing! Seriously we were doing Personal Progress and Honestly I cant really explain why but it was amazing to sit and just listen Personal Progress is such an amazing program. Oh and we decided to just go and visit any member we wanted this past week so we went to go visit a member that the elders teach ( we told them what we were doing and they were ok with it.... Kinda I will explain in a bit)  so these members are a 19 year old boy and his 16 year old  cousin and our appointment was a little bit later and where we were going isn't necessarily the best part of town but anyway we were walking to our appointment and then we we hear a horn honk and some one call out to us... we are both very well trained to just keep walking so we walked and then I slightly looked back and I swore it was the elders and then I thought nothing of it but needless to say it wasn't the elders and now we aren't allowed to go back anymore.... and then on Saturday we had an activity that was super fun.. always all the dances and the missionaries that aren't allowed to dance... it was so sad. other then that I am out of time but I love you all and hope your week is amazing!

Happy Halloween 10/26/2015

One Year Mark - Pictures - 10/12/2015

One Year Mark ... 10-12-2015

Conference Weekend 10-05-2015

So this week was awesome! we had general conference on Saturday and Sunday! And honestly I loved them!!!!!! I watched them in Spanish so I will just say that I loved Elder Hollands and President Uchtdorfs.

They were all awesome and 3 new apostles were called and It was an amazing experience to see that. Other then that we watched in a members house and in between the sessions we were going to go to a baptism and so we asked the member to take us and right before we left she got a call from her ex boyfriend saying that he wanted some stuff he left at her house and so we decided it would be best to do that first and we went and Honestly I don't trust the guy at all and so we wouldn't leave her side the whole time. Luckily nothing happened but to see someone you see as very strong that scared of someone it makes you wonder  How someone can distill that much fear in someone else.... and really not care...
So other then that we taught a member how to make cookies this week... So he accidently spilled some flour on his shirt and he was upset because he really likes that shirt. so I told him that it was ok because cookies need happiness to be good and that was the happiness.... needless to say he spread his happiness with all the kids in the house and us.... we left covered in flour.... don't ever do that..... other then that my whole week was centered on conference. making sure that everyone could get to it off their internet and stuff

Oh but after conference we were driving home and I am driving and I see an ant on the window so I try it hit and it was on the outside... it wasn't going to kill me......

Pictures ... 9-28-2015